Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Glenwood Acres, Concord NC

We had to bid a sad farewell to Ebenezer Park today since our two weeks were up.  It looked like we weren't the only ones leaving as there was a steady stream of campers pulling up stakes and leaving.

I filled up the motorhome with gas at $3.49/gallon to take advantage of South Carolina cheap gas.  I guess cheap is a relative term.  Just a year ago it was about a $1.00 cheaper.  Here in NC it is $3.79/gallon for comparison.  At least I won't have to pay that price for the next 550 miles or so.

We pulled in the campground and called Phillip to see where we should park.   He asked where we wanted to and said to go ahead and park and he would be by later.  Later can be up to two weeks for him.  We hooked up everything and turned on both a/c to cool the MH down in the 98 degree heat.  Thank goodness they worked fine and we were taking it easy in cool comfort.

All of the campers from the Coca Cola 600 have departed and the only things left are the souvenir trucks from the various race car drivers.  They have 52 ft trailers that they sell all the coats, hats, shirts and whatever from.  I imagine they will be on their way to Kansas City tomorrow for the next race and peace will once again reign.

Now for a restful evening and getting a good night's sleep.  Good night all!

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