Friday, May 6, 2011

Jared's Graduation - East Carolina University

We got home late from Stephanie's pinning and managed to catch some sleep before we had to get ready for the drive from Concord, NC to Rocky Mt, NC.  We had a motel room there and left our luggage in the room and kept on driving to Greenville, NC for the Friday night graduation.

We stopped by the home Jared rents with his roommates and had a quick beer before going to dinner.  There were 12 people for dinner and the waitress took everyone's order without writing it down.  She had everything correct except she gave my salad to Sandy.  I quickly recovered it and enjoyed the salad very much.  We ate in record time and then headed for the graduation site.

The family photos with the graduate were taken outside while the sun was still shining and we entered the basketball arena for the actual ceremony.  450 graduates filed into the arena and the ordeal began.  Each name was called out and many had little stories attached to them.  That wasn't the ordeal though, the seats were the smallest seats I have ever seen in an arena and there wasn't enough room for our legs.  Everyone was cramped in the seats for over two hours and moaning and groaning.  It was worth it to see Jared graduate.  He threw his graduation cap into the air like everyone else and he was the only graduate who didn't recover his cap.  It sat there by itself among the sea of empty seats.

The photo to the right is:  Sean, Henry, Jared, Barbara and Stephanie.  Ryan was unable to get off work for the graduation.

After the ceremony we drove back to Rocky Mt and left the youngins to celebrate at the party in Jared's home.  We got some needed sleep and they partied all night.  I was whipped.

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