Friday, May 13, 2011

Lunch Date

We got up early today and took the MH over to the RV repair shop to finish the repairs.  They said it would take until the afternoon to finish the job so we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  We got there after 9:30am and still had to wait for a table.  They were very busy and remained busy the whole time we were there.  The breakfast was good and very filling.

We had intended to stop at Bob Evans but when we drove to the restaurant it was boarded up and closed.  That is a shame because we always have a nice breakfast there.  I hope they reopen soon.

Gerry, Grant, Larry Jr. and I joined Jane for lunch today in Charlotte at Big Daddy's Burger Bar.  We had a 15 minute wait at 12:45 and got seated and enjoyed a great meal.  We took a tour of Jane's office and met most of her staff.  It looked like a very nice work situation for the people with large open rooms with windows for the most part.

We picked the MH up around 4:00 pm and went over a few things.  It looks like they did a good job but the proof of the pudding will be when it rains the next couple days.  I hope they sealed it up real tight on the roof.

Grant is spending the night with us and his parents will be out on the town on a "date".  It will be the first one since they arrived here in early October.  I think they are in dire need of a night out for themselves.  Have fun guys.

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