Sunday, May 1, 2011

Walterboro, SC

We are slowly working our way to Concord and should be there on Monday or Tuesday afternoon.  Today was a short drive of 265 miles, however we are now on the infamous I-95 section of the trip.  The traffic was heavy as usual and at the northern end of Georgia there was an accident involving a pickup truck and travel trailer.  They were upside down on the guard rail in the outside lane.  I am not sure if anyone was injured, but TT sure looked like it was totaled.  We worked our way up to the accident in about 40 minutes of stop and go when a trucker announced I-95 was closed.  I jumped on the shoulder and went up to the exit ramp and then got back on and bypassed the actual stoppage.

That was our excitement for the day.  It was also the first time we spent over $200 for fuel in one fillup.  Doesn't take long when gas is $3.80/gallon.  I take Paypal, Cash and Checks in case anyone is interested.  Yeah, fat chance. 

Thank God we are close to home.

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