Thursday, May 26, 2011

Card Crafting & Racing

Barbara belongs to a card & scrapbooking group and they had a session at her house this evening.  We beat Barbara home and when she got there she and Gerry were hugging and dancing up and down like little kids.  I didn't hear what was going on, but figured out there was some good news like a promotion or Stephanie passing her nursing boards on the first try.  I was right.  Stephanie checked and she did pass the boards.  Congratulations Stephanie.  We are both proud of you for the accomplishment.   

I took my computer along to update Windows 7 and a few other programs to take advantage of their high speed internet.  It was nice seeing the files download so fast and finishing up the tasks quickly.

Henry came home from work and we went into the "man cave" and chatted and watched TV for a while.  He really likes the NASCAR racing and there is a big race in Charlotte this weekend so they were having time trials for the race.  We watched that for a hour or so when a weather alert signal flashed across the bottom of the page.  

The alert caught my attention since when we left the MH 45 miles away at the campground in Rock Hill SC, it was sunny and nice.  Not a cloud in the sky.  We switched over to the weather channel and they were calling for possible high winds, hail and a severe thunderstorm for Rock Hill.  Whoops, time to go and rescue the awning before the storm hit.

I told Gerry we had to go and to finish up what she was doing which was in the middle of the session.  Not a happy camper, but I figured we could buy the 6 remaining cards cheaper than replace the awning.  She finished the one she was working on and we hit the road.  I was driving so fast that I passed Kyle Busch on the way to the campground.

We ran into some heavy winds and rain on the way here and when we entered the campground everyone was gathering at the bath house.  The ranger had sounded the storm alarm and directed everyone to get out of their RV and seek shelter.  We went to the MH and brought the awing down and put the outside stuff under the MH so it wouldn't blow away.  Since there are so many trees around us, we decided to head down to the picnic parking lot near the bath house down there and watch what happened.  As you can tell by me writing this, nothing serious happened.  It cleared up and we went back and went to bed.

See, there is excitement out there if you seek it out.

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