Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Card making session

We had a really nice day with Barb, Larry Jr. & Grant.  Barb came over to work on making cards with Gerry and they were as busy as beavers all afternoon.  They made about10-12 cards and had the motor home a mess with all the supplies and stuff out.  They both enjoy card making and had a blast.  

Larry Jr. and Grant came by for a visit and Jr. and I went to a bike shop to pick up some parts for Grant's bicycle.  One of his pedals broke off and needed replacing.  There is a bike shop about 5 miles from the campground and they had the needed parts. 

We all ate lunch together outside on the picnic table and enjoyed the nice weather.  It was a little warm but still comfortable.  They both commented that is was 10 degrees cooler here at the campground with all the shade trees and lake nearby.  Even though it got up around 92 degrees, the large a/c on the MH kept it cool inside.

Larry and Grant left so they would be home when Jane got off work.  Barb stayed and worked until around 6:30 and we went to a local seafood restaurant for dinner.  I had all you can eat catfish and managed to stuff myself and the ladies had crab cakes, flounder and shrimp platter.  Nobody walked away hungry.  

Barb went back to the MH and collected her stuff and hit the road for the 1 hr drive back to her house.  

Cassie and Lexa called today.  Lexa aced her algebra finals and if she can do well on another test, she will most likely have straight As for the grading period.  She takes pride in her school work and put forth a big effort to be at the top of the class.  We are very proud of her for working so hard and doing so well.  Keep it up young lady.

Cassie has been having health problems and she may have found a Dr who can help her.  Once we get back to MD after the wedding we will be helping her get some needed treatments.  She deserves some relief for all the problems she has had the last year or so and we are hoping and praying this procedure will work.  

Jack also has to go in for an operation the end of June and will miss some work. We may have both of them running back and forth from Drs and hospitals.  Guess I will be babysitting the Redhead.

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  1. Poor Lexa. I bet she doesn't know what she's in for but she will deal with you just fine, I have a feeling.
    Sure hope Cassie gets her problems under control. She doesn't deserve all these problems. We'll keep her and Jack and Lexa in our prayers.