Tuesday, May 24, 2011

GPS Directions

We had to find a post office today to mail a letter that had to go out soon.  I pulled out the trusty Tom-Tom GPS and searched for the nearest one.  There were a number of  USPOs showing up and we hose the nearest one,  8.4 miles away.  I told you we were in the boondocks.  The GPS did very well getting us there until the last mile or two when it decided to route us off Rt 21 into a neighborhood and took us in a semi-circle.  We finally made a right turn onto Rt 21 and went a couple blocks to the post office.

None of the above is particularly interesting except that the GPS routed us so we wouldn't have to make a left turn on Rt 21.  We went about a half mile out of our way to avoid that turn.  It should have kept us going straight and it would have been much simpler.  Of course, if it had done so, we would have missed seeing some very nice older homes with beautiful lawns and flowers.  It was worth it.

I turned on the geocaching GPS to see if there were any caches in the area and low & behold there were a number of them.  One cache was by an old Chapel on the grounds of Winthrop University.   The students have left for the semester so it was easy parking and retrieval of the cache.  The Univ grounds are very pretty and neat with 4 statues in an area with chairs raised about 25 ft off the ground.  Gerry thinks the graduates have to climb them to get their degrees.  

We managed to find 4 other caches and each one was interesting and challenging to find.  In fact, two others were beyond our ability to find and will go in the DNF column.  ( Did Not Find ).  While caching we ran into three other cachers who were trying to act inconspicuous and looking at their phones and we guessed correctly that they were cachers.  I asked if they were muggles or cachers and they got a big laugh.  The five of us were successful in find that one and we went on our way.

That was our exciting day, how was yours??

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