Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rain, rain go away!

Friday sure was a washout for us at the campground.  It rained on and off all day and the campsite was covered in water for a good portion of the time.  Perfect excuse to do absolutely nothing, so there isn't anything to write about.

Grant is coming over today to spend a couple days with us and maybe we can find something interesting to do with him.  Building a fire is out since all the wood is soaked, so that takes away one thing he really enjoys.  We don't have cable tv here and the local channels aren't that good so that is out.  No children's movies available to us.  Anybody out there have any suggestions what to do with a 10 yr old boy that likes to keep busy???

Larry Jr, Jane & Grant joined us at the Olive Garden for lunch today and we all enjoyed the meals very much.  In fact, we stuffed ourselves so much that we may skip dinner.  

Grant brought his dirt bike along with them and has been riding it up and down the campground road.  It is hilly and rough in places so he is having a ball.  He will be staying with us until Monday at least and possibly Tuesday.  I am sure he will be worn out and ready to go back home by then.

His other grandparents will be flying in from Oklahoma on Tuesday and visiting for 4-5 days with them.  His grandmother still works and can't get off for a long time at any one time so this will be a quick trip.  I know Grant will be eager to see them and show them around the house.  

The rain did go away and we have enjoyed a bright, sunny day for a change.  Now to get rid of the tornadoes out in the midwest and all will be well.

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