Friday, May 20, 2011

Rush Hour & Campfires

I was lucky enough to capture rush hour here at Ebenezer park today.  Golf carts seem to be a very popular toy to have here and there is usually a parade of them at various times during the day.  I never have understood the need to have one in a small park like this, but to each his/her own.  It is hilly so maybe many people can't deal with walking up and down them.

People come and go multiple times setting up their tents and RV and then leaving and coming back again.  It is quite different here than other campgrounds since so many locals use the park and live nearby.  They are claiming their sites for the Memorial Day weekend a week in advance and paying for site rental even though they may not be there.  At $13/day for York County residents they can afford to do that.

Grant has been collecting firewood around the campground since he got here and today was the big day for a campfire.  Since we were one of the first to be here this season, there is a lot of firewood around the site.  I cut some larger logs into fireplace lengths to help with the fire.  After dinner we went out and roasted some marshmallows over the open fire.  I think Grant likes marshmallows given the number of them he ate.

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  1. When we used to camp at Indiana Beach it was an evening ritual. The girls in one golf cart and the boys in another driving around then they changed the rules that you had to have a driver's license to operate the golf carts and the people watching fun disappeared. I bet Grant would love a golf cart.