Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

We hope everyone had a very happy Memorial Day weekend and had a good time.  We certainly did with Grant being here and Larry Jr. & Jane coming over for a cookout.  We had some delicious Lowes Food spareribs, corn and Gerry's baked beans.  

Grant decided to go back home with them this evening and I don't think he will make it a mile before he is asleep.  A new found friend of his appeared at the door before 8AM this morning wanting to play with him.  He came into our bedroom after getting dressed and brushing his teeth and told us the friend was waiting for him.  Ugh!  8AM on a holiday.  It should be against the law to let kids out that early.  The played until the friend had to leave the campground and go back home.  Grant continued to ride his bike and wore himself down to a frazzle.

Tomorrow is moving day for us and we will be heading back to the area by Charlotte Motor Speedway for  two weeks and then on to the cabin for the summer.  It will be 8 months since we've been there so we don't know what lies in store for us.  Wish us luck.

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