Thursday, May 19, 2011

Slow day in South Carolina

We have been taking it easy the past couple days and trying to recuperate these old bodies.  The campground is quiet so far and we feel like we are out in the woods.

Larry Jr. & Grant came by today for a visit and lunch with us.  We had subs from Jersey Mike's and they were delicious.  I folded up the aluminum foil into a ball and played catch with Grant.  He does very well for a 10 yr old without a baseball glove.  I showed him my famous throw with my left hand while winding up with my right hand.  Hard to explain, but it is fabulous.  I used to throw it to Larry Jr. when he was younger and he remembered it well.

We went shopping for groceries after they left.  I checked Google Earth for the closet Food Lion grocery and drove a convoluted path to get to one.  We were surprised at the high cost of food out here in South Carolina compared to Tucson.  We sure do miss Fry's Grocery ( Kroger ) and their great prices.

We then went to a really cheap liquor store in the area for some bottles of wine.  Once again, the prices were considerably higher here than Tucson.  I'm beginning to really appreciate the low cost of living in Arizona.  We could buy 6 bottles out there and get a 10% discount while here you have to buy 12 bottles of wine that cost more than $10.99 a bottle to get the discount.   

Then to add insult to injury we drove by a Food Lion about 5 miles from the campground and a lot closer than the one we went to earlier in the day.  Rock Hill is more of an area than a downtown type of town.  All spread out and not that well laid out.

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