Thursday, May 12, 2011

Birthday & Lowes Speedway

Our camp ground is within walking distance of Lowes Speedway in Concord, NC.  We have to be out of here by Monday morning since the sites are all rented out for the next two weeks.  Two big races coming up and the spots are taken a year in advance.  The last couple years we camped near the dragstrip and dirt track here, but changed to a more traditional campground this year ran by a private family rather than a Corporation.  Much nicer atmosphere for us and we do have shade trees all around us.

We run into many people who say they are going to follow the NASCAR circuit when they buy a MH and retire.  If anyone looked at the NASCAR schedule they would have second thoughts about doing this.  There have been 10 races so far this year and if a person started in Charlotte, NC and attended all of them they would have driven approx 12,500 miles.  Even at 10mpg, that would 1,250 gallons of fuel at $3.90/gal for a ball park cost of $4900 for fuel.  Then camping is charged by the week in most places and a conservative estimate would be $500/week plus ticket prices of $300 for two tickets.  That would be about $13,900 for ten races and there are 28 races to go.  WHEW!  That throws a whole new light on the plans.   Not for me. 

We will be attending a birthday celebration for our son-in-law Henry this evening.  Gerry is preparing spaghetti for him as that is what he requested for his dinner.  It is traditional in our family that the birthday person gets their choice of meals on their special day.  

All the parts for the MH have come in and we are scheduled for 9am on Friday for them to complete the work.  It is interesting to see how informal businesses run around this area.  More laid back and casual compared to where we live in MD for so many years.  It is nice in some ways but a little uncertain in others.   As along as they do good work then it is great.  Report to follow.

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