Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Concord, NC Glenwood Acres CG

We left Walterboro, SC this morning and had an uneventful day until we got to Columbia, SC.  We were behind a very small car at a safe distance on I-20 when the woman driver decided to come to an almost complete stop to allow a dump truck on the entrance ramp get in front of her.  All she had to do was continue at the speed she was driving and both of us could have cleared the ramp with a lot of room to spare.  I hit the brakes and locked up the car brakes ( Thank God for our Brake Buddy ) and the motorhome brakes slowed us down in time to come to an almost complete stop from 60mph.  If we would have rear ended her, she would never have survived the crash.  Why do they allow stupid drivers like her on the highway?

Then we stopped for gas at the FlyingJ.  We had to prepay for it even though the gas pumps had a place to swipe your credit card.  Gerry went in to get the receipt and was talking to me to get the correct amount when a redneck shrimp behind her told her to get off the phone and take care of business.  If you know Gerry, this didn't go over too well with her.  She had a few choice words for the guy and then they had further conversation that I could hear.  I was ready to go into the station and defend her from this idiot when she started walking out.  She said she could have whipped him with no problem.  I believe her!

The rest of the trip to Concord was quiet and peaceful.  That is our story and we are sticking to it.  

We are now waiting for Barbara and Henry to drop by for a drink and possibly Larry Jr, Jane and Grant.  Doubtful that Jr and family will make it but we will see them on Wednesday. 

I have a cold beer waiting so have to take care of important things first.  See ya!

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  1. Go Gerry Go. You don't have to take that from any one, let along a "red neck shrimp". Glad you made it to a safe spot for the night.