Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day

We wish to thank all those who served our country and made it what it is today.  I was a Foreign Service Officer and served 10 years overseas and was only in places a couple times when guns were being shot, including the bombing of a building, so I sort of fit in there somewhere.  

Gerry and I were telling our grandson Grant how we used to sell poppy flowers for Memorial Day to raise money for the veterans.  We would get a handful of the artificial flowers and then go out and sell them to neighbors, family, strangers or whoever would buy them.  Grant had a funny look on his face like why in the world would you do that.  It was the patriotic thing to do when we were young and Memorial Day meant a lot to us.  Now it is all about partying and having a good time.  We were surprised to hear Grant explain what the holiday was all about so maybe there is some hope for the future.

We are still at Ebenezer campground in Rock Hill SC and will have to vacate our spot on Tuesday morning.  Grant suggested we stay here as long as we could since he liked it here.  He has been riding his bike and made some friends, so he is happy.  One of his friend's family has one of those golf carts that are in abundance around here and Grant got a ride around the campground on it.  Now he thinks we should buy a golf cart.  

Ebenezer Park is on the south shore of Lake Wylie and has some beautiful homes situated right on the lake.  Across from the swimming beach looking north are some huge homes that look like they could be condos, but they are private homes.  What a view they have and most have a dock for their motorboats and jet skis.  As they say, rich or poor it is nice to have money.  I can't imagine what the upkeep costs would be for these homes. 

The park is very heavily used by locals and others; however, it is a very civil group of people here.  Most of the campers have at least a boat, golf cart and some have jet skis also.  The road gets crowded in the evening since they can't leave the water crafts in the lake overnight.  Even given, this it is a very pleasant place to stay and we love it here.  Too bad it is so far from our children or we would stay here more often.

Many people avoid camping during the big holidays since they fear the drunks and loud people.  This hasn't happened here at all and the most loud noises were fire works being set off.

Ya'll come on down and set a spell, ya hear!

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  1. Ya gonna kill the ole red rooster?
    Hope you have a blessed day.