Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wedding Shower and Party

Sean & Taylor are getting married in June so a wedding shower for the family was scheduled for 1:30pm and that made it imperative that we leave Rocky Mt and make the 220 mile drive back early.  Whew!

The ladies went to the shower and the guys managed to entertain themselves.  Larry Jr, Grant and I went geocaching and managed to find two of them before it was time to go to the graduation party for Jared & Stephanie.  We got there on time and the party began.

First, we created a pool for the Kentucky Derby and my horse came in second.  Gerry made Mint Juleps for all those who wanted them and we cheered on our horses.  It was a good race and everyone got into cheering for their horse.

The two proud graduates had a nice cake that they shared with all of us.  They both worked really hard and did very well in school and we are very proud of them.  Aren't they the cutest people you have ever seen?  Congratulations you two.

The party continues into the night and everyone had a great time.  The Nascar race from Darlington was on tv and another pool was formed.  I wasn't even close with my driver.  Sandy, Henry's sister, won the Nascar pool.

Once again we left around midnight and the youngins continued partying in the morning.  You have to know your limits.

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