Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Windshield

We are now the proud owners of a new windshield for the motorhome.  They called us this morning and said to bring in the MH around 12:30 for them to replace the bad windshield.  We got there right on time, however the glass company crew was a little late.  They finally showed up and went to work with the repair.  We left then since it was going to take about 3 hours before we could drive out of there.

Larry Jr.  & Grant came by just before we went to the repair shop and Grant spent the afternoon with us.  He likes to geocache so we went out and picked up 8 caches.  He found many of them and was quite excited about his detective work.  It is great seeing him get so excited and the look of satisfaction on his face for a job well done.

We took Grant home and he guided us the whole way.  Keep in mind that he is 9 yrs old and just moved to the area.  He was able to give me directions before we got to the turns and knew the way perfectly.  Great job Grant.

Larry Jr. has turned into a very good chef and fixed all of us a great chicken with Parmesan cheese dinner, potatoes and a nice salad.  He sure showed up his old dad in the cooking department.  We had a nice dinner chat and then dessert later.  Man, I am getting fat.

Since we don't have cable at the park, we stayed and watched Survivor and chatted some more before we left around 10pm.  They both have busy days ahead and we have to take the MH in for the rest of the repairs in the morning.

I am tired.  Good night all.

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