Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Picnic and Golf Cart Parade

The golf cart parade is in full swing today with people on golf carts riding through the campground constantly.  They drive very slowly and check out all the campsites looking for friends, leftover firewood and whatever it is that attracts them to ride the carts.  Very interesting to say the least.

We are all set for the arrival of our company for a picnic here at the campground.  There is firewood in the fire pit compliments of our intrepid firewood gatherer, Grant.  It seems odd to be having a fire when it is 92 degrees outside and humid, but what is a picnic without a fire?

We had the picnic and everyone had a great time.  While it was hot outside, we had enough cool drinks to help us get thru the day.  Larry Jr, Grant and Barbara managed to play some catch and work up a sweat later in the day.  Barbara was a very good softball player when she was younger and misses the game very much.  Family duties kept her from playing after she started her family.  It was nice seeing her and Larry Jr. throwing the ball around like old times.

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