Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shoes 7, Goecaching 12

Today was a good day for me in a couple ways.  Gerry went shopping with Barbara & Stephanie for shoes and I went geocaching.  They managed to find 7 pair of shoes to buy ( none for Gerry, so 2bl luck ) and I found 12 geocaches while they were shopping.

The best part is that I didn't have to go in and out of stores while they tried on 48 pairs of shoes.  I need a new pair for the June 11th wedding and will most likely go out that morning to pick up a pair of shoes.  20 minutes and I will have accomplished the task.

I did meet them for a late lunch/early dinner at the Panera Bread restaurant and had a nice sandwich and French onion soup.  The soup was very salty and the sandwich was great.  We also bought a bearclaw for dessert later this evening or in the morning.  

The GPS took me on another circle route to a post office today.  It took me through some neighborhoods and out of my way so I would be able to turn right into the post office.  Wierd!  I could have saved a mile or so by just making a U-turn a half block beyond the post office.  There aren't many post offices in the area around the campground even though it is a built up area.

Friends Ron & Dee had their grandson come home from Afghanistan in time for Memorial Day.  I know they were worried about him and glad to see him arrive back safely.  Great!  I did notice they were going tribal on us with a tent that looked like something Lawrence of Arabia used in the Middle East many years ago.  Looked comfortable. 

We follow four blogs on the right side of our blog and one person is way behind in blogging.  I won't mention any names, but you can check for yourself.

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