Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lexa's Birthday Party

We took it easy this morning and had a hard time jump starting the old bodies to get into motion, but we finally had to get going.  We had some errands to run before heading over to Lexa's 14th birthday celebration today.  It sounds like she had a very full day of celebrating the birthday with minature golf in the morning, swimming in the afternoon and party time in the evening.

Cassie ordered a huge pizza that had 58 slices and was the largest pizza I have seen since the Zebra room pizza on Wisconsin Ave in Washington, DC.  Huge is the key word.  It was larger than 4 large pizzas and the box to carry it in would not fit into the passenger side door on their Ford Explorer.  We had to put it in the back of the Explorer for the trip home.

Lexa opened her presents after the pizza and other goodies and then we had huge pieces of cake for dessert.  We waddled out of there stuffed to the gills.  I can't take many more of these celebrations or I will weigh 400 lbs.

The camping group of young kids who set up their tents in the park yesterday broke camp this morning and were out of the park before we even had breakfast.  It took them an hour or so to put up the tents and then they took bike rides up the side of these hills.  Oh, to be young again and full of energy.

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