Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Wedding

Today was the big day for Sean & Taylor with their wedding at 5pm.  About the time their wedding was scheduled to begin a light rain was falling.  Everyone was in the church so it wasn't that big of a problem.  

The wedding actually began on time and went very smoothly.  Sean had his brother Jared as best man and his sister Stephanie as a bridesmaid.  They all looked great all dressed up and so grown up.  It is hard to believe that they are all out of college.  Meanwhile, back to the wedding.

After the ceremony the family pictures were taken and the bridal party pictures were also finished up.  They had gotten there early for some pictures and except for it raining on Sean & Taylor for a couple outside pictures it went well.

The bridal party traveled to the reception in a 40ft Expedition motorhome.  Us old folks were not allowed on it but I assume some alcohol was consumed on the way to the reception.  We turned on the GPS and were on our way there when a phone call came in saying there were traffic delays due to an accident and road construction.  Our grandson Ryan knew another way there so we followed him.

The reception was held at Centerstage Noda which was very nice hall in downtown Charlotte, NC in an old section of town.  There was a nice old restored section near the hall and I was told it was the artist colony.  It looked it.

We had a great time there and Gerry managed to dance about 15 times so she was happy.  I danced with her 1 1/2 times before my old knees started barking at me.  We stayed almost to the end and then decided we couldn't outlast the youngins so we headed back to our motorhome.  

Grant who just turned 10 years old loves to dance and I really mean dance.  With or without a partner but I think he does prefer a partner.  He danced with a number of women young and old but seemed to prefer this one the most.  She was real sweat to him and showed him a couple dance moves and whenever he asked her to dance away she went.  If he was dancing alone she would dance with also.  She is a very good friend of the bride and was there with her boyfriend.

We left the camera at the hall and Barbara found it and we will pick it up on Sunday.

The newlyweds are leaving Sunday on a noon flight for their honeymoon, but I am not sure where they are going.  Wherever it is, I am sure they will have a great time.

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  1. Gerry, where did you pick up that handsome gentleman? Can't be Larry. I didn't think he could clean up that well with clothes on.
    You both look great.