Saturday, June 18, 2011

Falling Waters, West Virginia

We had a great time visiting with Carolyn & Mann these past few days and hated to tell them goodby this morning.  We talked nonstop with them catching up on the past 8 months since we last saw them and tried to make some plans for the next few months.  They will be in our area in August and we will meet up with them then.  Also, we are trying to arrange a camp out with them and the Erringtons, except the Erringtons don't know about it yet.

We drove up to Falling Waters, WV today and pulled into a campground right on the WV/MD state line and just a few miles from our cabin.  Since we don't have a sewer outlet for the MH at the cabin, we stop here and flush the tanks and catch our breath before digging into all the chores at the cabin.  It makes it easier to deal with the jobs ahead.

We had an easy drive up except for the always busy I-95 stretch of the road.  It is hard to imagine how much traffic there is on the road and how fast it moves.  We see more traffic here in a mile than we see in  miles out west.  A little red truck even passed us on the way back along with a few of his friends.

Now to open up a can of Yuengling and relax.   See ya!

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