Saturday, June 4, 2011

Computer Doctor makes house call.

My son Larry Jr. called today and said he had a virus on his computer.  It is the one which pops up and says you have the virus and if you pay $$ it can be removed by their tool.  Out and out fraud on their part and it is a difficult one to remove.  His computer runs under Windows Vista so I had to do a little research before I went over to remove the virus.

There were a number of options to remove the virus and I tried restoring his system to 4 days before it appeared and before a Windows download.  That seems to have fixed the problem, but his AVG was out of date and I installed a newer version.  The install went well and then a scan was started.  It ran for hours and found some viruses and took care of them.  He should be good to go for now, but there are still some problems with his computer.  Another house call and maybe I can get rid of some of them.

Grant came back to the MH with us and we went to a local restaurant for dinner.  I was surprised when he ordered a Turkey Club Sandwich without mayo.  When I was 10 I didn't have any idea that a club sandwich even existed.  Different time and world back then in the last century.  

After riding his bike around the campground he came in and we started up the old movie, The 300 Spartans from 1962.  He is fascinated by history and knew about the battle and described it in detail before watching the movie.  

It has remained hot and humid the last few days.  The humidity makes it seem even hotter and uncomfortable.  Better than snow and freezing weather in my book.

The neighbor next to us has a neat drying board that attaches to the ladder on the back of their motor home.  I can see that we will have one very quickly after we get back to the cabin.  It looks like it will be easy to make and very useful.  Stay tuned for further work on this project.  I should have it done in about 6 weeks of hard work on my part.

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