Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ice Cream & Sunset

We have been fortunate to be in those special places that have beautiful sunsets like the Florida Keya and the Arizona desert, however, Maryland doesn't have to take a back seat to either in this area.  Lexa is spending the day and night with us so we went out for ice cream after a big dinner.  Big mistake, but that is another story.  Take a look at the sunset shot Gerry got this evening.

There is a great ice cream stand on US 40 just east of Hagerstown, MD and about a mile from Greenbrier SP.  How convenient.  I decided to take the girls there for a treat this evening but wouldn't tell Lexa where we were going.  She must have asked 20 times but I didn't give in.  The sunset photo was taken next to the ice cream place and I acted like we pulled in to get the photo.  Then I pulled into the ice cream stand.  As usual, it was packed with people.  Tonight was Black Raspberry ice cream night but we got there too late.  They ran out of that flavor and it is one of my favorites.  Guess I will have to go back again soon before they change the special.   

Earlier in the day we went down to the swimming beach at the lake and Lexa enjoyed a nice swim in the cool water.  It wasn't too crowded for a weekday and since it was around 4pm, a lot of people  left already.   Even at that there must have been around 200 people at the beach which is about 350 yards long.  They have floating ropes in the water for the shallow part and then further out for the deeper part and adequate lifeguards to patrol the area.

They have a fabulous sound system at the beach area as we found out.  Out of the blue they made an announcement about the life guards leaving at 6pm.  If they would have said it was God speaking, I am sure people would have believed that.  Spooky.

That was our nice day with Lexa.  How was yours?

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