Monday, June 6, 2011

Hot muggy days

We have been busy shopping, geocaching and most importantly visiting with our children.  We went shopping today for a suit coat and slacks for me so Gerry would feel I look OK for the wedding.  I don't know why the old sport coat that I've had for 12 years isn't good enough but the boss said no.  I am like most men and only shop when I have to and then get it over as quickly as possible. It was a painful experience but we got through it together and had a successful shopping day. We only had to go into one store and that made it even better.

We went geocaching after the stressful shopping experience and managed to find 7 caches in the nearby area. One cache was a virtual cache of the homestead of James Knox Polk, 11th president of the US.
James K. Polk was born on November 2, 1795 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. He moved with his family at the age of ten to Tennessee. He was a sickly youth who suffered from gallstones. Polk did not begin his formal education until 1813 at the age of 18. By 1816, he entered the University of North Carolina and graduated with honors in 1818. He decided to enter politics and also was admitted to the bar.

Grant is very interested in history and was interested in seeing the reconstructed home of Polk. 

We finished up geocaching and went over to Larry Jr. & Jane's home and visited for a while and then went out to dinner at a nice Italian restaurant. The food was good, but the service was very slow. Larry said that isn't the usual service that they receive so we will try it again.   Grant wanted to come back with us and spend the night again at the motor home so we got him some fresh clothes and made an early exit.

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