Thursday, June 9, 2011

Santa comes early

Well, the long lost mystery where Santa Claus spends his summers has been solved.  We found him in the campsite right next to us and have a picture to prove it.  He has credentials with a North Pole address and the white beard also.  Grant met him today and I managed to get a picture of the occasion.  Judge for yourself.

Barbara and Henry had a cookout for the out of town guests, Sean & Taylor and Taylor's mother and father tonight.  They marinated steak and chicken kabobs in "Speedie marinade" and Gerry fixed potato salad to go along with the macaroni salad.  Lots of other goodies and we all managed to stuff ourselves.  We visited with them until 11:30 and called it a night.

Cassie, Jack, Lexa & Lee left MD around 9pm and will arrive around 4:30am.  Brutal.  They had to wait for Lee to get off work and then drive up to their house.  Glad they aren't coming to stay with us.  That is my best sleeping time. LOL

We were watching the Dallas-Miami NBA game and it looked like Miami was going to win when we left Barb's and then Dallas went on a run to win the game going away.  They seem to finish strong while Miami makes too many mistakes.  More teamwork on Dallas also so that makes it more interesting.  

I am not a Dallas Mavericks fan but I always pick one team to root for in the finals and I like Dallas more than Miami.  Miami went about buying a team with three stars and thought they were good enough to win it all.  They even have King James on the team but are struggling to say the least.

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