Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back in ole Virginny

We took it easy on Tuesday and went over to Larry & Jane's house for a pizza dinner that we picked up at Costco.  We ordered two large ones and both almost disappeared.  Sat around and talked for a while and then headed back to the motor home.  It was great visiting with Larry and family and we enjoyed the visit very much.  Now to get them to come up to the cabin and visit with us. 

 North Carolina has some beautiful flower patches on I-85 and they make the drive on the interstate more enjoyable.  They have more displays than any of the states we drove through on the way back from Arizona.

We traveled up to Midlothian, VA to visit with friends Carolyn & Mann.  They have a beautiful home here and are fellow RVers who we met in 2000 at Long Key State Park.  We've been close friends since then and have a lot of common interests.

We had a nice dinner with them and sat around and talked into the evening when we all were worn out.  More chatting and visiting is on tap for tomorrow. 

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