Sunday, June 19, 2011

Greenbrier State Park, Boonsboro, MD

                             Happy Father's Day

We made one of the shortest drives from one campsite to another today.  20 miles total.  We wanted to stay here on Saturday night but the Maryland State parks seem to be reserved every weekend during the summer so it is impossible to get a site on Friday or Saturday night.  Sunday through Thursday nights the campgrounds are almost empty.  This camping section has 40 sites and there are 12 campers here including the camp hosts.

The swimming and picnic areas are absolutely packed during the weekend, especially on Sunday.  All of the parking lots were full and they had signs in English and Spanish to that effect.  At $5 per person they must make enough on the weekend to keep the park going for the year.  Monday-Friday the areas aren't used hardly at all.  

It is a nice park and we always enjoy our stay here, so if you are in the area from Sunday to Thursday, come on out and camp.

All our children called to wish me a happy Father's day and I enjoyed talking to them.  My Tucson daughter even sent me a text message from her phone to my computer.  Nice to be remembered.

We went over to Cassie & Jack's house and joined them for dessert this evening since we couldn't get there in time for dinner due to waiting for the weekend people to leave the campground.  We had a nice visit with them, Lexa and Jack's parents.    

They lock the gate at 10pm and we didn't want to fool around with the combination lock to get back in so we left in time to avoid that.

Now to get a good nights sleep.  See ya!

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