Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hairday & Geocaching

Today was the big hair day for Barbara & Gerry.  Gerry went in to get hers cut for the wedding and I am not sure what Barbara is doing.  I guess I will have to wait and see how it all shapes up.  Pun intended.

I took advantage of a free day and went geocaching to try and reach 900 finds.  It was a good day and 14 geocaches appeared before my eyes.  As usual, some were easy and others hard.  Since the temps were in the high 90s I didn't want to walk a lot so easy ones were on the menu.  Now that 900 has been exceeded I will have to work on getting to 1,000 caches.  That may take a while.

Grant, Larry Jr. & Henry went for a 14.5 mile bike ride this morning before it got too hot  The trail was fairly level so they made the ride in good time and dropped Grant off with Gerry while I was geocaching.  Later Gerry went for her hair cut and Grant and I went out caching for a short time.  We found a 7.5 gauge track model railroad that is open on Mondays.  They have 1700 ft of track and seem to be a very active club.

You never know what you will find geocaching.  There was an old cabin being restored by the Historical Society and they were about 50% finished with the job.  The cabin sits right next to an active railroad track and the model tracks. 

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  1. You're getting pretty good at taking along young people when you geocache. That way you don't have to walk to far. LOL
    Hope the wedding turns out good. Stay cool.