Monday, October 1, 2012

Windy day in Amarillo

A weather front moved through here this morning and when it first hit, the motor home was rocking.  It wasn't near as bad as we experience in the old Southwind motor home, but it did shake the unit.  I am glad we didn't plan on being on the road today with the wind gusts up around 40mph.  

We had some errands to run and found the shops we needed very close to the campground and had a lot of free time after that.  Luckily I had my GPS with me and we picked up 31 more caches.  There were 32 caches in a row and we got 30 of them.  Two caches were behind a large ditch full of water about 4ft deep.  We will save them for a later day.

The RV park here has an interesting way to advertise that it's a rv resort.  As you enter the park, the first thing you see is this rv.

It's a takeoff on the Cadillac Ranch that is very near where they buried 10 Cadillac cars in the same manner.  It is a well know tourist stop along I-40 just west of Amarillo.

Cadillac Ranch

The attraction was built in 1974 by a group of artists known as the Ant Farm. Ant Farm’s mission was to create what they called “underground architecture,” creative sculpture and public art with an approach that was innovative at the time. New art installations were to reflect ideas important to the group, including conservation and cultural introspection.
The Ant Farm’s members, Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez and Doug Michels, had some serious help with the Cadillac Ranch. It was funded by Stanley Marsh III, noted helium tycoon, who wanted an art installation for the public that would confuse as much as it entertained. The Ant Farm was game to answer such a request, and proposed buying ten Cadillacs which could be buried in the dirt at an angle roughly equivalent to sides of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Marsh loved the idea and agreed to fund it.

They are calling for a low of 45 tonight, so I guess we will get another chance to try out our heat pumps.  They have worked fine the previous times we have used them, so I expect the same tonight.

Good night all.  I hope you had a nice day.


  1. We watched the park bury that mh. Remember we spent a month there for repairs before coming south toward Tucson to get out of the snow.

  2. Why did they bury the cars and motorhome that way? Is there a reason for the angle? Strange but cool in it's own way! Off to Myrtle Beach for a couple days of work.

    Your FSILINC

  3. We thought maybe that was your old Southwind. Guess not!