Thursday, October 18, 2012

Root 66 RV Park

We were moving slower than usual today and didn't get out of the campground until noon.  Gerry is feeling much better and hopefully she is well on the road to recovery.

It's always exciting to exit the campground onto RT550 since you have to cross two lanes of traffic and then find an opening in two lanes going the other direction.  I got a break on the first two lanes and shot out into the road (like a 35,000lb RV with a tow car can shoot out) and the traffic in the other two lanes came barreling down on us and nobody would give us a break.  I had two lanes blocked and finally got an opening and took it.  The campground manager says to turn right out of the park to avoid the above situation, but there isn't any where to make a U turn and head back the way we wanted to go.

Coronado Campground with Sandia Mts in background
We made good time getting down I-25 and then on to I-40 West and stopped at the FlyingJ station to get some fuel.  What a mess that was.  The RV fuel stations were out of order and they said to use the car pumps or the tractor trailer pumps.  The car pumps were super busy and off we went to the tractor trailer pumps.  When we got there the pump wouldn't accept my discount card or credit card.  "See cashier"  The lines at the cashier were 7-10 people deep and slow moving, in addition to being 100 yards or more away.  Needless to say, we didn't get any fuel there.

Back on I-40 and then Gerry sees a sign for a free Blizzard at the DQ with the purchase of one.  Off the interstate once again at the Rt66 Casino/service center to pick up the blizzards.  The service at the DQ was shamefully slow and if I had been there I would have walked out.  Gerry is a little more patient than I am and she waited.  They sure did taste good.

We continued on down the road and saw a Pilot station out in the middle on nowhere with diesel for $4.09/gal which is cheap out here.  I pulled in and filled the tank while Gerry ran in to the Subway restaurant and picked up a sandwich.  

The whole time I was filling the tank a pickup towing a trailer was parked in the RV lane next to me.  They didn't take on any fuel, but were using the space as a parking space.  A large diesel motor home pulled in behind me and waited and I finally asked the pickup people if they were going to fuel up.  Nope.  They were picking up some goodies and making a pit stop.  I explained to them that they were holding up people who wanted to use the fuel lane and the light bulb almost went of.  Unbelievable. 

We continued on and are spending the night at a Passport America park called "Root 66 RV Park".  I kid you not.  The park must have been named by someone who had English as a 2nd language.  It isn't much of a park, but it's the only one around and the price is right.  They do have a pond in the park, except it is dried up and caked with mud.  If anyone is interested in owning a piece of a business out in the middle of nowhere, then this might be your chance of a lifetime, it's for sale. 

It was very windy out on the road today and the motor home handled the wind better than expected.  A couple gusts smacked us but the MH kept right on track.  I don't think I would have driven the old MH in this wind since it didn't handle as well with the gusts.

On to Sedona in the morning.   


  1. Glad Gerry is feeling much better and am sure the DQ did the job!! Sadona is such a beautiful place, I am truly envious of you being on your way to CCRV.


  2. We've always had better luck with Love's stations. They seem to have been built for the comfort of the RVer with wide turning spaces.
    Glad Gerry got her blizzard. I'm sure that made her feel even better. It's been cold and raining her for two days. I'll be glad to head southwest.