Monday, October 29, 2012

Double Header & On the Road

There are two signs that Gerry loves to see while we are on the road.  It was a special day for her when she was able to get both signs in one photo.  For those who know Gerry it would be easy to guess what one of the signs would be.  Any ideas?   Well, I guess I shouldn't keep you in suspense any longer.  The photo below explains it all.

We planned on hitting the road early this morning and were up before 8am. ( We aren't early risers )  Then we heard a knock on the door and it got louder before we could get there.  It was the neighbor next to us who took over 45 minutes to park his 5th wheel the other day.  He didn't want to tell us goodbye or good morning but blurted out "move you car, I want to leave".  My comment to his rude outburst was that he should turn to the right and leave that way, but I would move the car.  Then he replied that his truck wasn't pointing the way I suggested.   What a JERK and LOUD Mouthed old coot he was.  Once I moved our car, he still needed  help from his wife and the camp ground manager to pull out of his spot.  Then he hit the highways.  Watch it, they are out there.

We only had a short drive today so we didn't bother to hookup the car and tow it to the next place.  I thought we were out of the mountains, but I was wrong.  Once we got on I-17 ( or as they say in California  "the 17" ) there was a 7 mile climb and then a 9 mile 6% downward grade.  Finally we were out of the mountains and on flat land for the remaining trip.

We are camped at the North Ranch Escapee park near Congress, AZ.  Yvonne, the widow of my old friend Gerry C spends the winter at the park and we stopped in to visit with her for a few days.  She came by the motor home and visited for a few hours and then we went out to dinner at a local restaurant.  We enjoyed meals and company and spent two hours at the restaurant.  She dropped us off at the motor home and we settled in for the night.

That is when a fly was put into our ointment.  We had a bowl of ice cream each and when I bit into my mint chocolate chip ice cream I felt something hard in my mouth.  Yep, I broke my tooth in half and now have a gap where the other half should be.  It looks like there will be a trip to the dentist ASAP to have it repaired as in a crown.  The dentist can install the crown in two hours and I hope we can get an appointment for Thursday or Friday.  

I don't always respond to comments on the blog since most people wouldn't see them the next day unless they reread the blog.  I do appreciate comments even if I don't respond to them.  Nice to know people take the time to read the blog.

We are watching late night tv out here about the Hurricane Sandy which is pounding the east coast.  They are calling it the Perfect Storm.  According to the projected path it will pass right over our cabin.  I hope the wind isn't to strong and we can come out of it unscathed and no damage.  There isn't much we can do about it out here and will have to wait and see how it fares.

We just hope that there isn't any huge loss of life to this storm.  Things can be replaced, but lost lives can't.

I called our neighbor at the cabin to see how things were going out there.  He was in Ocean City, MD about two blocks from the ocean which was pounding the surf and had high winds whipping around them.  The bridges are closed so they will have to ride out the storm.  I wish them luck.  


  1. I think the theme so far on your trip is Gerry & DQ...I am with her and love a Blizzard but my wife loves Baskin Robbins so we don't stop often. Maybe during our visit I can catch up on DQ!


  2. Well Gerry we have a DQ not 4 miles from us--now you have a reason to come to Maine--not only to visit but too have a DQ everyday!!
    Yes Larry i read and re-read the blog everyday--no not bored just nosey!!


  3. My guess is DQ and casino. My kind of gal!!! I love your blog, too!