Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sedona & Motorhome wash job

We had made an appointment to have the motor home washed today and they showed up at our door around 8:30am.  It was still in the high 40s, however they were ready to go.  The water here at the park has a high mineral content and would spot the motor home if we used that water.  The mobile wash people brought in their own water that was softer and also treated with a green wash soap.

I was a little concerned when they brought out the power washer and leery that it would damage the unit.  They stayed far enough away from the mh and all went well.  First, they went up on the roof and washed it.  It sounded like a company of Marines were marching on the roof, but it wasn't a problem.  Then they came down and started working their way around the mh and finally they cleaned the windows really well.  The finished product was great and I think we are about 20lbs lighter due to all the dirt being removed.

I know that if the motor home could talk, she would thank me for the cleaning.  It really does shine and looks like a new unit.  It took over 2 hours and if we would have had to do the job, it would have been twice as long and days of sore muscles.  Well worth the price to have it done by professionals.

We took a number of photos in Sedona the other day and I didn't want to overwhelm everyone by putting all of them out there at the same time.  Gerry had gone in the chapel and took these shots inside looking from the rear of the chapel toward the altar.  

 It is one of the most beautiful chapels we have ever seen and can see why it is one of the most visited spots in Sedona other than the Red Rocks.  

If you are ever in Sedona, make sure you put this place on your bucket list of places to see.  Trust me, it is worth it.

I think we may have found a spot that the "Pickers" would love to see.  Actually, I am sure pickers found all these signs and sold them to the pottery barn where they are on display.  With the dry climate out here, the signs should last forever.

Gerry continued to work on her card crafting and finished up the Halloween cards and they are in the mail.  Look for yours in the next few days.

Our son-in-law Henry is working on a blog of his own.  He intends to publish what he calls the Picture Of the Day (POD) in the blog.  He has been sending emails with POD attachments and thinks a blog may be a better way of presenting the pictures.  He has a theme each day for the pictures, so it should be interesting to see how he presents the blog.

His blog today included some pictures of our grandson Sean's brother-in-law's wedding yesterday.  They held the wedding at their farm in the pole barn and the reception in tents near the house.  The bride rode to the wedding on the lap of her future husband while driving a John Deere tractor.  Amazingly, the wedding ceremony, reception all went off very well and people loved it.  I think they may be on to something with this wedding.  I would include pictures but don't want to plagirize Henry's blog.  



  1. No problem using my pictures. I think I will start it on November
    1st. YFSILINC

  2. Another beautiful chapel is the Air Force Acadamy in Colorado Springs. It is just breath taking.

    Enjoy your day.

  3. Looks like your area of home is going to get some snow. I hope we can escape it. Jusst high winds here, we are far enough inland to escape allot of this storm.

  4. Hi! Sean and I found your blog and will be following! Can't wait to keep upto date with all your travels. We miss you and love you, Taylor and Sean