Saturday, October 6, 2012

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta - Saturday

Doug & Gloria got together last night with Gerry and me and decided to go to the balloon fiesta today.  That meant getting up at 4:30AM and leaving for the field around 5:00AM.  Did I say that I don't do mornings that well?  We made good time getting to fiesta field and had to wait a while to enter the parking lot.  It moved very well considering about 100,000 people were about to enter the area.

 It was windy on the field and I was having serious doubts whether or not they would have the mass ascension.  We waited from 5:30AM to 7:30AM for the balloons to be filled and lift off.  Finally they announced it was too windy and dangerous for lift off and they cancelled the morning session.  Of course they encouraged us to visit the many vendors and get first choice on all the wonderful items on sale.  Yah, right!

Gerry, Gloria & Doug walked along to check out a number of vendors and didn't see anything of interest to them and returned to the area where I was guarding a bench.  Fine job on my part if I do say so.  As you can tell by how they are dressed it was cold out there this morning with the breeze blowing so hard.  

I did get a nice shot of the Balloon Museum in the parking lot behind the field.  The museum is dedicated to hot air and gas balloons and was built about 5 years ago.

We went to Costco to pick up a few things and then over to Old Town in Albuquerque and I was surprised to see the crowds there in the square.  It was jam packed with people, cars and tents.  They had the street in front of the church blocked off and there were numerous vendor tents in the area.  There were women dancers in Mexican costumes on the stage in the center of the square along a band playing traditional music. 

We left there and went home via old Rt 66 (Central Ave) in Albuquerque and enjoyed seeing the improvements they have made in that area.  A number of old buildings have been restored back to their original glory and more restoration seems to be in process.  They have painted a number of huge murals on the side of buildings and this was one of the nicer ones.  I'm not sure what the message was regarding the mural but it was impressive.

By this time we were all tired out and ready for a nap and returned to our motor homes.  I watched some football and missed a number of plays due to dozing off, but didn't really get much sleep.  I should sleep very well this night.

Our good friend Hanne from Denmark called us using her computer to wish us a belated happy birthday.  It was great talking to her and catching up on what she has been up to lately.  She has a trip to the Caribbean in November and we tried to talk her into coming out to Tucson and stay with us for a while.  We always enjoy hearing from her and wish she could visit in the U.S. more often.

It looks like more wind in the morning so we are planning on taking a day trip to Sante Fe for a look see up there.  We've been there before and want to check out an old church that was closed the last time we were there.

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