Friday, October 12, 2012

Electric Power & Adios Judy & Herb

When we moved from the old campsite the other day to the new one we didn't have any electric power to the motor home at the new site.  Everything else worked, but no 120V coming to the unit.  We checked everything and the campground handy man with 40 years experience working with electricity couldn't find out what was wrong.  So sorry!  

We lived the last three days using the solar panel for power and supplementing it with power from the diesel generator a few hours a day.  While that worked out fairly well, it sure would have been nice to have full power while Judy & Herb were here.  

Doug came by today and checked the power outlet and found out that the polarity was reversed.  We couldn't check that in the motor home since the inverter supplied 120V and correct polarity, but we weren't getting power to the coach.  A quick call to the campground manger was in order and he called the electrician to come out and fix the problem.  It took about 3 minutes for him to place the power lines on the correct post and we were back on shore power.  It is supposed to get down to 41 degrees tonight, so it will be nice to have full power again.  You can bet the heat pumps will be working if it gets that cold.

Judy and Herb visited with us until about 12:30pm and then left for the 2 1/2 hour trip back to Ruidoso.  As usual, we really enjoyed their visit and hated to see them leave.  We will visit them in Spring 2013 if they go to their vacation home in Ruidoso for a week or so.  It all depends on what their schedule is and how it works out with ours.  I hope they don't make us sleep on the floor.  

 We hung around the motor home and then went out to dinner with Gloria & Doug at a local Village Inn.  We always enjoy dining at the Village Inn, but this time they sort of failed me.  I had fish and it was overcooked and the pieces they brought out next were overcooked as well.  It was ok and we ordered pie to take home so it wasn't a complete wash.  We kept up a running conversation with Gloria & Doug and had a good time visiting with them.  

We arrived back at the motor home and most likely will be in bed very soon since we are worn out from all of the weeks activities.  It's been a great week and we have two more days to go at the Balloon Fiesta.  It looks like Sunday will be the best bet to see the balloons go up again and if our bodies can hold up, we will be there.

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