Friday, October 5, 2012

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

We had to get up and head down the road today from Santa Rosa to Albuquerque and the balloon fiesta.  The official start is Saturday morning and we plan on leaving the campground for the fiesta around 5AM.  Yes, that is right.  5AM   The Dawn Patrol is scheduled for 5:45AM and we want to make sure we get there before the traffic entering the grounds is backed up.  We will be coming in from the north so we should miss the traffic heading out from Alb.  It's a mess coming in from the south.

We had a relatively easy drive today except for the wind pounding us from the southwest at around 15-20 mph.  I had to slow down because it was blowing so hard and I don't like to drive with gusts hitting the side of the unit.  Slowing down helps a lot.

We got to Alb around 2:30PM and the traffic on I-25 north was very heavy.  It was moving fairly well so that was a good thing.  Later on our friends Gloria & Doug came through the area and it was stop and go for a while.  It's all in the timing. 

We had reserved a site at the campground that was ideal for us, but they switched us to another site and it is shorter and very unlevel.  We tried to get the manager to move us to another site, but he went a little ballistic on us and lost it.  Gerry and he had a nice conversation and finally he said he could bring some blocks to help level us out.  After a few tries we got the MH level enough, but not great.  What a disappointment this turned out to be.  Also, the power level is down around 112 volts instead of 120.  This should be an interesting 10 days.

Gloria & Doug joined us at the Range Cafe in Bernalillo for dinner and we all enjoyed our meals.  Taco salads for the boys and crab cakes for the girls.  The restaurant was busy as usual, but we got in a little early and were seated within 10 minutes.  The service was good and we had a nice time catching up on what's been going on in our lives since we last saw them.  They are camped right across from us in a prime spot and haven't taken any pity on our plight.  LOL

They are having some mechanical problems with their MH and have to take it in next week to have the repairs made.  Hopefully, it will be quick and they can still enjoy their 10 days here.

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