Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day of Rest in Albuquerque

We managed to sleep in today and catch up a little on our sleep.  We've been getting up early every morning this past week and going to bed late and it caught up on us.  Gerry has been fighting a cough the last couple days and felt terrible this morning.  She stocked up on aspirins and has been lounging around the motor home all day.  She's had a fever and then chills and thinks it's a cold and hopefully will be on the mend soon.

I put the extra pillows, blankets and the airbed away in the outside bins and straightened up the motor home.  We have been having problems with the radio so I checked the fuses and they are fine.  Now I have to search for more fuses to see why the radio isn't getting any power.  Always something going wrong around motor homes, so you have to get used to it.

Gloria and Doug stopped by to check on how Gerry was doing and said they had been to the Hollywood Casino and played for a while and left $4 richer.  They weren't at all impressed with this casino and I doubt they will go back there.  We had the same impression the last time we were there and made the mistake of eating at their restaurant.  Not exactly gourmet food on the menu as I think they cater to a different clientel.

We were here in 2001 and there were a lot of special shapes balloons at that time that aren't around anymore.  They had the Energizer Bunny, Royal Mounted Police on a horse, AOL, Gateway, and a number of others that didn't make it this time.  Some of our old favorites from past years are below. They were always nice to see and the Jesus balloon was very nice.


We are going to watch a movie and get to bed early again and see if we can recharge our batteries.  

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  1. Do hope you both get your rest and Gerry gets to feel much better before your next treck cross country