Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sedona & Red Rocks

Today was our daytrip to Sedona, AZ to see the beauty of the area.  As most everybody knows Sedona is well known for the red mountains in the area  It is a photographer's delight to be able see all this beauty.

We have been here before and took many pictures then and duplicated many of them today.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I will let the following pictures speak for themselves.

Chapel of the Holy Cross 

 If you look closely at the above picture you can see the Chapel of the Holy Cross which is a well known Catholic church in Sedona.  It is stunning and the view from the Chapel is equally stunning.  It is a very popular spot and the parking lots are always full of visitors.  If you are in the area, make sure you take the time to view it.

This rock formation is very well known.


 There is a huge house across the road from the Chapel and it dominates the homes in the area.  Many people have wondered who owns this 8,200 sq ft home and it seem that Ioan & Elena Cosmescu own the house. They live in Phoenix and he is an inventor who owns patents in the medical field (something called an ESU Pencil is the latest patent).  The home was listed for sale at $29 million but was pulled off the market.

Cosmescu home

 As you enter Sedona from the east on Rt 179 you come across this more modest but equally distinctive Monolithic Dome home called Xanadu.  There are small units behind the the blue egg and the other domes are painted in the colors of the rainbow.  You can take tours of the home for a modest price, but we didn't choose to take the tours.

We drove down to the commerical district of Sedona and tried to find a place to have lunch, but the traffic was too heavy and parking space was at a premium and we headed for West Sedona to find a place to eat.  That proved to be a little more difficult that we expected, but we finally found a Pizza & Sub shop that satisfied our cravings.

After that we were tired out and started to head back to the motor home and got sidetracked to Cottonwood and their "Old Town" area.  It is only about 4 blocks long but looked really nice and they had a number of restaurants and shops.  

While we were in that area we took the opportunity to check out the Dead Horse Ranch State Park and it's campground.  They have three sections that we could fit into, however they only have water & electric with a dump station.  The sites were nice and well spaced apart with many pull thru sites.  

After that we hurried home in order to see our Thursday night TV programs and arrived in time.  We hate to miss Person Of Interest and this was the 1st time we've seen it this year.  Great program.

Since most of you have been in bed for three hours now and I am tired, this will be it for tonight. 


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