Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Colors

One of our most favorite places to visit is the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in the first Saturday in October.  We always have a great time at the Balloon Fiesta and this was our 6th time attending the event.  

Our grand daughter ( The Princess ) got married on 10/10/10 so we made sure we attended the wedding, however that ruled out the Balloon Fiesta.  It was worth giving up to see her get married and how happy Stephanie & Shawn looked that day

2011 was a bust for us since we left the cabin so late and were delayed by 14 inches of snow.  A side benefit to leaving late was that we got to enjoy the fall colors in the mountains around the cabin.  

There are a number of fall festivals in the area and we try to make it to the Apple Harvest Festival, but didn't make it last year.  The festival is held on the Adams County fairgrounds each year during the first two weekends and is very well attended.  They have the usual bands, crafts, pony rides, apple cider pressing, old cars, animal petting area and my favorite; the old steam engines.

The steam engine above was attached via a belt to a saw without any protective cover and was used to cut wood shingles.  I can't imagine OHSA allowing this to happen with all the rules and regulations the government places on us.  

We are leaving the Albuquerque area tomorrow morning and heading further west.  Who knows where we will stop for the night.  Whatever the moods strikes us will dictate that.

See you all on the road. 


  1. That must mean Gerry is feeling better. I sure hope so.

  2. Go West my friends Go West!!!!
    Safe travels.


  3. Wow some great pictures!! I really like the chapel. How do you get inside of it? Our trees in NC are just now starting to get that wilt look but are still greenish. Glad to hear that Gerry is feeling better and sorry I held you up can tell me to shut up when you have to move on it won't hurt my feelings! Travel safe...busy weekend here so we will talk to you next week.

    Your FSILINC