Monday, October 8, 2012

Holiday Day off

Since today was a holiday, Gerry and I decided to treat it as a day off and take it easy.  We went to bed early the night before and consequently woke up early today.   Erin called early in the morning and we wished her a happy birthday.  Neat for her since it was a day off and she got to celebrate it at home with the family.

We lazied around and spent some time straightening the motor home out.  It is difficult to keep everything neat since there isn't a lot of space to hide things.  Clutter does creep up on you.  

Gloria & Doug took their motor home to the repair shop and since they most likely be gone a few days we moved over to their site since it was bigger and more level.  I took advantage of the move to dump the holding tanks since we don't have a sewer hookup here.  When I returned and hooked up the electric it didn't go through to the motor home.  I think my transfer switch may be defective, so we are using the generator to keep the batteries charged, plus the solar panel to charge it during the day.  We will be fine since we can survive very good without electricity as long as it doesn't get too cold.

We bypassed the balloon fiesta today since is was a competition day and we don't find them that interesting to watch.  I am sure for dedicated balloonists it is exciting and interesting.  It must be an acquired interest.  

Our friends Judy and Herb will arrive around 3pm on Tuesday and stay until Friday.  They haven't been to the balloon fiesta before and it looks like we may have good weather for the two mornings they will be here.  We will be back on the 5AM schedule for two days and a lot of sightseeing also.  

Time to hit the hay and get my beauty rest.

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