Saturday, October 27, 2012

S l o o w S a t u r d ay

Gerry decided she wanted to work on her card crafting today, so I was forced to watch college football.  I was happy to see Georgia beat Florida and then later in the day Arizona beat USC.  Both games were upsets according to the experts, but Georgia handled Florida fairly easily.  Arizona had to come from behind and then hang on at the end with USC throwing a Hail Mary pass that the receiver actually had his hands on in the end zone, but couldn't hold on to the pass.

College football is so much more interesting to watch due to the intense fan support.  The players also show more emotion and actually seem like they enjoy playing the game.  

I am surprised by how high scoring the college game has become.  45-42 scores are common and some scores run into the 50+ points scored by each team.  Some college basketball teams don't score in that range.  I do prefer a high scoring game over a 3-0 game.  I remember when I was in high school watching a football game where they punted on third down just about every series.  It was all about getting good field position and then kicking a field goal or possibly a touchdown at the end.  Boring!

It has turned cold around here the last couple nights with the temperature down in the low 30s.  Our heat pump doesn't work very well once it gets down to the 30s.  We do have a diesel heater that will keep us toasty warm and comfortable.  I think it will be running this evening as they are calling for cold weather again.  Time to get out of here.

Sunday I should have a really nice picture of the motor home after getting a wash job in the morning.  The motor home is very dirty and really needs a bath.  

As you can tell it's been a really quiet day around here.      

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