Saturday, October 20, 2012

7012 ft up - Flagstaff

We hung around the RV park a little longer today so Gerry could wash two loads of clothes.  We've been at RV parks that didn't have full hookups for over two weeks and the dirty clothes were piling up really fast.  

The park had an old gas sign still standing from a bygone era.  Rt 66 passed by very close and the park must have been a gas station at one time.  I like old signs and managed to add this photo to my collection.

We had a short drive today but we went from 5200 ft up to 7000 ft and then back down to 3100 ft.  We left on I-40 west and then caught I-17 south at Flagstaff and began the descent of almost 4000 ft toward Camp Verde.  I used the engine brake almost all the way down and just used the brake enough to keep the engine rpms down to a safe level.  It was a very pretty drive with some of the trees changing colors.  Nothing like back east, but still pretty in a different way.

We had an uneventful drive until we turned off to go to the campground.  The manager said to not trust the GPS since it took you through a neighborhood with narrow roads and lots of parked cars.  Well, I managed to miss the turn off and had to drive down the road about 4 miles to turn around.  I couldn't actually get back on the correct road so we took a parallel road and managed to drive about a mile on a washboard dirt road.  I was beginning to get concerned that it may end in a dead end, but all worked out for us.

We have a nice full hookup site at the Rancho Verde RV park in Camp Verde.  It was very hot when we arrived and the a/c was turned on and cranking out cool air in no time.  

Just another quiet day on the road.     

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  1. Love that part of Arizona. Heck, we love almost any part of Arizona! We've stayed in the Verde Valley area many times, but we aren't acquainted with the Rancho Verde park. Where is it located? Being members of Thousand Trails, we usually stay there, or at the Western Horizons park.