Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Santa Rosa State Park, NM

We took our time leaving the Oasis RV Resort this morning since we had a short drive of 170 miles ahead of us and we weren't sure of the check in time at the State Park.

Just to let you know that we don't always drive in the rain, Gerry took this shot of I-40 today as we drove down the road.  There was very little traffic and most of that was truck traffic.


I ran the large awning out before we left to make sure there wasn't any water trapped in it and then did the same with awning over the doorway.  Somehow the end cap came off the door awning and once we got on the interstate it started banging against the side of the motor home.  It is a small cap about 5 X 7 and was held on by the power cord to the awning.  I had to pull off the highway and luckily found a collision repair center in the small town of Vega.  They were kind enough to loan me their ladder and it was a quick repair job.  No problem with it after that and I was happy about it didn't cause any more problems.

We stopped for fuel at a FlyingJ in Tucumcari to top off the tank and now have enough to make it to Tucson if we take a direct route there.  While we were there a man from Iowa came over and started chatting with us about the Allegro Bus.  They used to have a RV and were in the process of selling their winter home in Phoenix and getting back into rving.  They missed it more than they thought they would and are anxious to hit the road again.  He asked a lot of questions about the Bus and sounded like that would be his next purchase.  Good luck selling your home.

We arrived in Santa Rosa, NM and knew we had to go over or under a railroad track and were concerned about the height of the underpass.  It turned out to not be a problem and we had plenty of space above the unit.   

The lake is really down and looks more like a river now.  Actually, it is the Pecos river below Santa Rosa and they really need some rain or snow in this area big time.  We were last here in 2007 and took a photo of the water tower in the lake and another one today. 

2012 Water level


2007 Water level

The trees are changing already around here and we passed this nice one on the way to the campground.

A little further down the road we came across this small herd of deer enjoying their afternoon snack.  They didn't seem to be at all concerned that we were that close to them.  

We took on some water and made our way to our favorite campsite at the park, A-12.  It's a pull through and long enough for us to fit on and still open all 4 slides.  They only have electric at the park and 30amp electric at that, but that is fine for the 3 days we are going to be here.   Two PBS TV stations will be our entertainment while we are here.  One in Spanish and the other in English.  

It's a great place to chill out and take it easy.  After all that geocaching yesterday, we are both in need of a day or two rest.

That was our day, how was yours?


  1. That's a great idea to see a picture from 2007 and 2012...really drives the point home!

    Your FSILINC

  2. Our day was (to quote Walter Cronkite in "You Are There") -- "A day like all days, full of the sights and sounds that illuminate our times." In other words, just a day. Slept in until 7:00am, did a little stuff around the house, went to Bible Study in the evening, came home, went to bed. Oh yeah, Suzy did her therapy exercises to keep her knee improving.

    Look forward to seeing you back in Tucson.