Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sun, Rain & Knock on Wood

We decided to take some time off from sightseeing and geocaching and just watch some football today.  We managed to see parts of 4 games and watch our Redskins blow a lead, miss three field goals, give up a late score and then come back and win the game on a 41 yard field goal.  They sure do put the excitement back into the game.  The Carolina Panthers had a victory wrapped up and managed to fumble and not make a first down.  They recovered the fumble and then had a 4th and 1, so they punted.  The Falcons marched down the field and made a last second field goal to win the game.  

I was talking to my friend Mann and he asked where we were and when I said Amarillo he commented on all the bad weather there.  Each time they have come through here the weather has been terrible.  We have had the opposite experiences in the 6-7 times we've camped here.  Of course, I said knock on wood for the good weather.  Wouldn't you know it, about an hour after that call the weather turned from a sunny day to stormy weather with high winds, hail, lightening and rain.  We lucked out as there was a small break in the weather as it passed over us.  So, in the future there will be no weather discussions while we are in Amarillo.

We hope to do some sightseeing on Monday and also stock up on groceries since we will be spending three days at the Santa Rosa State park in New Mexico.  It will be an electric only site and most likely not TV so reading books and watching DVD movies will be in order.  We have always enjoyed staying at Santa Rosa SP and look forward to our visit there from Tuesday to Friday.  If I don't post any blogs, don't be concerned since there may not be an internet connection while we are there.  

I hope our friends Gloria and Doug didn't fall in the Grand Canyon where they were visiting recently.  She hasn't updated her blog in the last few days.

As mentioned yesterday, we traveled in heavy rain for a long distance before we got out of the area.  Gerry took a few pictures or the rain through the windshield.

I-40 Western Oklahoma

I-40 Western Oklahoma
 We stopped by the Texas welcome center and were very impressed by the building.  It serves as a rest area and a tornado shelter and has free wifi available.  The back has a veranda with some beautiful views and also picnic areas.  It stands in stark contrast to some of the states that have closed their rest areas.  Well done Texas.

Texas Welcome center I-40 Westbound


  1. so pleased you are enjoying your trip.

  2. Does that welcome center allow overnight boondocking? We had that pleasure one time at a New Mexico Welcome Center. Big open parking area in back, and it was a nice quiet place to stop for a night. Good rain pictures, by the way!

  3. The Texas Welcome Center is always a nice surprise as it comes into view. I'd feel safe their. We have hit bad weather a lot in the Texas/Oklahoma Panhandle. It seems to go with the territory. Have a nice time in Santa Rosa and let us know what there is to see.