Friday, September 14, 2012

Lazy Day

We decided to take it easy today and do some much needed cleaning and arranging around the motor home.  When we packed out of the cabin there were a number of items that we didn't know where they belonged.  Gerry found a couple places for pictures and the digital photo frame and that was a relief.  Small victories like that go a long way to making the motor home interior more comfortable.

I called my brother in the afternoon and made plans to meet Sue and him for dinner at a Chinese buffet restaurant.  Another call to my niece Jeanie and her husband Curt and they met us there also.  We all arrived within 3 minutes of each other and were seated quickly.  The restaurant had 5 serving lines and one was devoted to mostly American food, so there was something for everyone.

We sat around and ate and talked for about 2 hours.  It was a very enjoyable visit with all of them and finally we had to leave.  Curt and Jeanie headed home and Dick & Sue came back to the motor home to see the unit and visit for a while.  Three hours later they left and went home and we hit the hay right after that.  Tired, but happy to see all of them. 

We needed an easy day and some rest so it was a perfect day for us.  We almost feel human again.

Jubelts bakery is on tap for breakfast on Saturday morning and I will let you know how that goes in the next blog.  Jubelts is an old bakery out of Mt. Olive, IL which has been around for years.  They were trying to sell the business since the owner/operators were well up there in age and were ready to retire.  I am not sure of the status now, since they may be closed.  If so, I will miss their great baked goodies.

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  1. Guess you found out by now that Jubelts was open, yet, in Litchfield. They closed in Carlinville.
    Where are you staying, Kamper Kompanion? If so, not a bad little park on I55.