Friday, September 28, 2012

El Reno, OK - Geocaching

My birthday was a few days ago and one of the things I wanted was a day of geocaching around El Reno, OK.  Old Route 66 runs from our campground to El Reno and we decided to take the slow road to the caches.  It is hard to believe that large 18 wheelers used to ply this road.  I am glad I don't have to drive the motor home on this road and meet an 18 wheeler coming in the other direction.  We lived about 9 miles from Route 66 in Illinois and used to race on that road all the time.  The speed limit at that time was reasonable and proper, so racing over 100mph was common.

They have one series of caches that runs for miles and has 77 caches in total.  We set out to find as many as we could and wound up with 33 caches found in that series.  In addition, we found three other caches for a grand total of 36 for the day which is an all time high found rate for us.  Remember, we aren't as spry as we used to be and finding 36 caches meant getting in and out of the car that many times.  I think I will sleep good tonight if the Advil kicks in fast enough.

The majority of the caches found today were right along side of a country road with a fair amount of traffic.  I think many of those drivers learned to drive in Illinois by the speed they were whizzing by.  There are a number of oil wells in the area and they are drilling new ones all the time.  A number of trucks with large pieces of equipment whizzed by and shook the Vue.   

It's been overcast since we got here and it looks like another day just like it is on tap for tomorrow.  We plan on moving down the road to Amarillo for a couple days and check out the area there.  We've been there before a couple times and like the town, so we are looking to having a good time.

We received some sad news today.  My ex sister-in-law passed away after a short illness.  I think she was ill longer than people realized and covered it up.  She was married to my brother for 23 years and then they divorced and went their separate ways.  Our condolences go out to her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  We will miss her. 

Betty SMITH Clark  1939-2012

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