Thursday, September 27, 2012

Exit 108 KOA, I-40 Oklahoma

We were lazy this morning and took our time leaving Branson.  We were heading for El Reno, OK and it wasn't that far.  We stopped for the last of the "cheap" diesel fuel at the FlyingJ in Joplin, Mo and paid $3.80/gallon.  I see where Doug & Gloria are paying in the +$4.00/gal region out in Nevada and points west.

We had a relatively easy drive here and took the Oklahoma Turnpikes on I-44.  All together it cost $19.50 for turnpike charges and it was worth it to avoid the side roads.  It was overcast and cool so that was an extra bonus.

I-40 west of Oklahoma City is a terrible road and almost shook the motor home into little pieces.  I had to slow down to 50mph to keep it from demolishing the motor home.  Once we got past Yukon heading west, the road was smoother and in much better shape.  The campground in El Reno was full so we continued on down the road.

We pulled into a KOA at exit 108 for the night.  We may stay here two nights and do some geocaching in the area.  There are about 77  geocaches in a row on a country road nearby and we hope to pick some of them while we are in the area.

See, not every day is exciting on the road, but we still love to be out on the highways and byways of the U.S.


  1. Are you surrounded by Indians or fisherman? The one by Clinton Lake is were we get the home made pie. We've stayed at both. Food was cheap at the Cherokee Restaurant but the service was slow.

  2. Gas in the Philly area is around $3.85 for regular. Tolls are crazy in the NE. I came through Baltimore and as I crossed into PA there was one for $6 then a few miles away one for $3 and before I got here another one for $3!! I bought an EZ Pass but it doesn't give you a discount just allows you through the faster lanes. Travel safe and we will talk to you Sunday. We are off to Raleigh Saturday for the Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) concert.

    Your FSILINC