Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wine, Beer & Cool nights

Sunday's weather was beautiful up here on the mountain.  It was down in the low 50s early in the day and sunny with a few clouds floating by.  It was so nice out that we decided to take a ride around the area and show Erin the beautiful countryside.

We are in the midst of thousands of acres of orchards in this part of Pennsylvania and the apple trees are full and overflowing with yellow, red and green apples.  One of the group jumped out of the car and snitched two apples from a tree alongside the road.  I won't say who it was to protect the innocent.  

I made the mistake of driving past a sign for the Adams County winery and was out voted 2-1 to stop by and check the local wine.  It has a great reputation and we have stopped there often over the years and enjoyed the tasting room and the wine.  Since the Redskins were playing the Saints today and I was listening to it on the car radio, I stayed behind to protect the car.

Erin saw a work of art and was wondering how to get it shipped back to Park City and where to display it in her house.  Thankfully, she couldn't work it out or I would have been hauling this art around in the car.  What do you think, it this art or not?

She did find a great use for the art and really didn't want to leave it behind, so she emptied all the bottles.  Just kidding.  Gerry and Erin spent a lot of time carefully sampling the wines and Erin found two that she really liked and bought a bottle of each.  I think they may meet their demise in the next few days while she is at a Conference associated with work.

We have run across a number of speed limit signs recently that are for 6.5mph, 7.5, and today we found one for 12.5mph.  Who has a car that shows mph in .5 increments?   I don't think our GPS shows it that way either, but maybe there is something out there available so we don't break the law.

We capped off the day by stopping in my favorite bar and restaurant in Emmitsburg, MD.  It was Erin's first trip to the Ott House and she loved it.  We managed to finish off two pitchers of beer and then wobbled out of there.  It sure did make us sleepy afterward and we got to bed early for a change.


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  1. Tomrrow is 9/11 and your day too leave the mountain and start your journey across the country again. I do wish you both safe travels. We will know by the end of this month if we will be back out or not. It all depends on the renter of the house.
    Take care and I will keep up with the blog.