Monday, April 29, 2013

The Carnival Leaves Town & Grazing

The last week and a half the carnival was at the Pima County Fair and going full blast.  We noticed the increased traffic and can see the lights from the RV park.  A few times we thought about going over there, but it was very hot during the day time and that deterred us from traipsing all over the fair grounds.

It was a very large carnival with some huge rides and many food, drink, music, etc places there.  Since we don't really enjoy riding on the different rides, it would have been a waste for us.   The bands performing were more attuned to a younger generation and that was fine with us.  Almost all of the snowbirds have left, so the Tommy Dorsey's band wouldn't have been well received.

Today it was possible to drive all around the fair grounds as long as we avoided the trucks, wires and people taking down the rides.  It was interesting seeing how hard these people have to work to tear down the carnival and now they will drive to a county fair in California and put it all back together again.  They will be on the road all over the Southwest until the Maricopa County Fair later in October.   Tough job.

I took a number of pictures of the carnival being dismantled and have included some below.  Warning, if you don't like carnival pictures, don't go any further.

Merry Go Around with Lions & Tigers

Ticket booths

Cotton Candy stand in operation

Tilt A Whirl

How would you like to take this apart?

Dodge 'em cars

They grow large lemons out here.

1920s milk truck still running.
  Sorry for so many pictures, but they speak for themselves.

They have fire alerts out here and with high temps in the forecast, it will only get worse for the area.  It was 97 degrees here today and a slight breeze that made it fairly comfortable.  Of course, it helped that we were in an air conditioned motor home.

Two more nights here and then we will be on the road.  Our first stop will be Las Cruces, NM for a few days and then head out for Arlington, TX to visit with Judy & Herb.  We don't have a set travel plan after that and will drift around and do some sightseeing along the way.  That is, if it isn't too hot in West Texas and we don't get caught in some bad weather.  This time of the year it's important to keep an eye on the weather forecasts.

Gerry, Ron K and I went grazing today at Costco and enjoyed the freebies samples.  They had a number of stands open and for a change there were some tasty items there.  We even bought a package of one of them.  Ron sprung for lunch and bought a couple hot dogs for us.  Gerry and I finished one off and Ron had 1/2 of his.  Costco has a special of a foot long hot dog and a large coke for $1.50 for the combo.

We were shopping for food items that we were going to take with us on our trip back east.  Gerry doesn't mind cooking, but when we are on the road it is nice to have easy to prepare meals available at the end of a long drive.  

That was our exciting day, how was yours?  



  1. Costco's Hot Dog combo deal is great and I take advantage of it a lot! The boys work close to our Costco and I try to get them to meet me there for lunch but they would rather spend $10 on lunch! They are like their mother if you don't spend doesn't count as eating out!

    Why don't you check out the new Bush library while you are in the area? We are talking about going to the race there next spring and visiting it.

    Just a thought, travel safe and talk to you soon.


  2. Henry,

    Great minds must think alike. We had planned on visiting the Bush library while we are in the area.

    Yes I know about the boys mother, she always ordered the most expensive item on the menu when she lived with us.