Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Windy Day In Tucson

The weather man may not always be right, but he sure hit the mark today.  We had a little breeze early this morning and about 10AM it started blowing hard here.  I saw on the news tonight that we had gusts around 50mph today.  The motorhome rocked a little bit, but nothing like the Southwind in heavy winds.

The winds were supposed to calm down this evening but it's 11PM and the motorhome is still being buffeted by strong winds.  It may rain a little this evening as the front moves through and the forecast for Tuesday isn't that bad.  I am very happy that we hadn't planned on leaving today and been out on I-10 in those conditions.

Short blog this evening since not much interesting happened around here.  Our friends Ron & Dee C are leaving in the morning for the long trip back to Illinois.  They are in a SUV so the winds shouldn't be a problem for them.  (Correction -  Mini Van)

Steve & Judy are in Moab and sitting out a dust storm from what Judy said today.  It may snow there later this evening and will be cold.  Yuk!   We didn't hear from Al & Sharon today and they are holing up in Beatty, NV.  Hope they have nice weather and didn't get caught in the cold and winds.




  1. Found your blog thanks to Jerry and Suzy. We left Benson at 6:00 a.m. so we could be back in AJ before the worst of the wind hit. We made it. Today is much better up here also.

  2. It's a mini van. It did really well in the bad weather by Willard, NM. I even took a picture of the front windshield with snow on the sides.