Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ride to Tombstone to Pick Up a Skull

We got a request from our FSILINC to pick up a cattle skull in Tombstone today.  We hopped in our trusty old car and motored on up to Tombstone.

We made good time driving there since there wasn't much traffic on the road.  It took us a couple tries at stores in Tombstone to find a skull like he wanted.  Thank goodness he didn't want a buffalo skull since they were $135 on up and quite large.  We found a nice cattle skull that will take care of his request.  It looked like the one below without the post.  Don't ask what he wants it for.

I wish I could remember where I saw this one and go back and get it.  It looks quite a bit like the one we picked up for him.  What do you think of it, Henry?

We decided to take some picture while we were in Tombstone to go along with the 100 or so we took in previous visits.  Never have too many pictures.

Stagecoach ride

Main Street

We had to drive back fairly early so we wouldn't miss The Amazing Race at 7pm, so we didn't spend a lot of time there.  We did look for a restaurant that we went to in 2006.  The town might be "too tough to die", but the restaurant wasn't that tough.  The building is still there, but it is vacant.  Too bad, since we enjoyed the meal and atmosphere.

The return trip was delayed a little while we had dinner at Montgomery's in Vail, AZ.  It is just a neighborhood bar in a small shopping center, but it is a friendly place with good food.  The cold beer also helped convince us to stop there for the last time this spring.  

The temps were in the mid 90s, but it cooled off nicely around sunset and it was beautiful outside.

Our neighbors from Erie, PA left this morning after buying new coach batteries.  They had to wait until 10am to leave in order to get some propane and then the coach wouldn't start.  The new batteries did the trick and they pulled out around noon.  Jan came over to sit in our MH because we had the a/c on. They had already disconnected their MH utilities.  We had a nice chat and look forward to seeing them again in the fall.  Safe travels guys.



  1. It looks I will have to decide if I should put it next to the deer, hog or President Bush!

    Thanks again, YFSILINC

    Oh and glad they got rid of those You Tube couple!

  2. We thought we felt a pleasant breeze go by yesterday! It was you on the road to and from Tombstone. Glad you found Henry's skull. Well, it wasn't Henry's skull, of course, it was a cow skull, but you know what I mean!

  3. I've just never thought about buying a cow skull. Growing up in cattle country in Montana, they were readily available. Not that I ever wanted one. So fun to see your pictures of Tombstone since we were just there.

  4. You probably have commented but I can't remember you mentioning the Rose Tree Museum in Tombstone. I thot maybe they closed it but I found it here:
    I thot it unusual to see when we were there.

  5. Love the picture of the car. I always say I'm going to have my camera ready to take pictures of them all as we drive around Tucson. Safe travels.